The Splendor of the original Venetian Stucco for floors: Marmorino Pastellone

When the historical buildings of the Republic of Venice were erected all the construction materials and the corresponding techniques were always carefully selected. Even at that time architects were aware of the importance of the durability of buildings in a very hostile environment such as that existing in Venice, characterized by permanent humid air and capillary rise of salty water from the foundations.

Masonry artisans and architects developed a special know-how to manufacture durable materials based on the use of mineral admixtures and natural substances, the invention of innovative binders and the development of special application techniques.

Building materials and techniques used by architects and artisans at the time of the Republic of Venice came from the Egyptians and Persians through a slow transmission process of the oriental culture (particularly from East Iran) through the Mesopotamian and the Mediterranean civilization.

Our NATURAL MARMORINO FOR FLOOR, known as "Pastellone" in Venice, represents the modern development of the original Venetian lime-based stucco in terms of either durability and aesthetic effect.

In fact one of the most important key points to explain the great success of our stucco plaster for floors is the beautiful appearance of its surface texture and its durability.

Also the clue to the great success of this stucco for floors is the skilled labor and the very time-consuming laying work required to achieve every irregular and sophisticated form in plastering or decorating floors, which Stuccoitaliano is famous for providing.