Marmorino Coarse


Marmorino Coarse is just a thicker version of Marmorino Medium. It is about twice as thick as marmorino Medium and similar to the antique Marmorino of Venice which had a total final thickness of about 3 millimeters.

This Marmorino is thick true coating plaster. As with all the other plasters it has its place in the history of Venetian plasters. It was used as a surface substrate which was applied in numerous coats with each coat being progressively finer.

This is the right material for finishes like Faux Marble. It is also appreciated for its calm texture and looks more like polished stone.

It is also the right material for finishes like marmorino with Mother of Pearl.

Its application is just like the one for Marmorino Medium.

Download Marmorino Coarse Data Sheet

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