Marmorino Fine



This is a natural mineral lime-based wall covering for fine decorative finishes on interior and exterior surfaces.

Of all the Venetian coatings, this finish made of finely ground lime gives the most shine and richest depth.

The surface of the Marmorino Fine (Classic) finishing is very glossy shining with a lot of depth. The finishing maintains a soft texture. The movement between the darks and the clears is gradual and the surface reflects the light very well.

Composition: very aged, finely filtered slaked lime putty, special powdered marble granules sifted and selected according to granule size of 0,0 to 40µm, water and special additives (no more than 1,8% total in wet volume).

 Unlike the marble it has a single soft color with small shadings. Marmorino is a natural material. It is made of lime and ground marble. Characteristic is its hardness and resistance even in moistly environments like it is the Venetian lagoon.

It is highly appreciated for its aesthetic effect, unique when properly lighted. It is used in sophisticated environments, such as reception areas, offices, villas. In the bathroom it is an alternative to marble and ceramic. The workmanship may or may not be visible depending on the application.

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