Our Classes

Our classes are for all Stucco Italiano customers, old ones and all of those who are about become a member of the great family of Real Italian Stucco.

Training workshopsstucco project

Training workshops are held at our companies in the U.S., Italy, and Serbia or on your premises. Stucco Italiano specializes in training carried out on the premises of our customers.
For new distributors there is a training service of artisans who want to become trainers themselves. The courses are taught by master craftsmen with over 25 years of work experience and over 10 years of teaching. 
There is online training available about materials and application techniques.


Worksite Assistance

The experience of our technicians is at our Stucco Italiano customers disposal by answering their e-mail queries or by direct visits to their work site to help carry out the work. For new customers, we give assistance in preparing their Showroom and completing the first jobs.