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The Splendor of the original Venetian Stucco for floors: Marmorino Pastellone

When the historical buildings of the Republic of Venice were erected all the construction materials and the corresponding techniques were always carefully selected. Even at that time architects were aware of the importance of the durability of buildings in a very hostile environment such as that existing in Venice, characterized by permanent humid air and capillary rise of salty water from the foundations.

Modern and greener buildings built with lime binders and lime based paints, sealants and coatings

Lime has been the main binder used in construction during the last ten thousand years.
It’s been used since at least 7500 BC in Jordan and can also be found in the walls of early Egyptian tombs. Builders in the Roman Empire used it in many structures, although it wasn’t until the Renaissance that marble dust was first added to lime plaster, allowing for the hard, smooth finish forever associated with Venetian palazzos: Venetian Marmorino.