Venetian Marmorino Wall Finishes 

Decorative wall finishes for solutions of high quality interior and exterior.

Traditional Italian and Venetian stucco and modern solutions.

Fine products for decoration & protection.

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Venezia Stucco Floor Finishes 

Seamless finishes for interior and exterior
floor surfaces.

Solutions for homes as well as public places with high traffic.

Can be applied on walls and inside pools.

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Green Line

Plasters completely natural without any synthetic chemical additives.

allows us to revive old recipes for the current needs of ecological housing.

Free of any kind of pollutant.

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Accessories and Other Products

Wall Additives

The Stucco Italiano system is based on the material which is usually produced in its white natural color, and a number of additives to facilitate...

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Floor Additives

For the Floor we have a lot of additives to make the application of our products easier and to get special effects, but also to have the...

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Our Color System is thought to be the more practical and versatile possible and in the same time teaches how to get any color starting...

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We collect the best tools from the market and we produce some very exclusive tools for the perfect application of Italian...

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